My seventh short subject, “A Doorman’s Lullaby”, will be making its world premiere at the Brooklyn Lyceum on 10 July 2009 as part of the Flicker Super-8 Film Festival. This ranks up there with “Alphabet” as one of my favorite shorts and I’m really excited about its impending premiere.

So excited, in fact, that I’m giving you the chance to see it for free.

See this short film?

I want you to name it.

In “A Doorman’s Lullaby”, the title character watches this short film on a tiny TV set. The story in this short is one of the things that gets him off his ass and into the street to rescue his girlfriend’s cello.

To enter the contest, simply Tweet a title for the film and tag it #namethatfilm. The winning entry will receive two free passes to the 10 July Flicker NYC screening at the Brooklyn Lyceum, a credit in an updated version of the film, and a broadcast-quality download of the film you named for bragging rights. Entries will be judged on creativity and applicability.

All participants must be local to NYC, or able to get to the screening on Friday night. Family and close friends of the filmmakers are disqualified from entering the contest. Contest ends Wednesday, 8 July at 10:30 PM, and a winner will be announced at 8am Thursday morning.

Thanks for participating, and may the best title-writer win!


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