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( May. 8th, 2009 07:30 pm)
/ I just realized why I have yet to hear from Mad Cat Film Festival: They announce the final selections in August.

/ On Tuesday, I'll hear back from [censored] about whether or not I made it in. On Thursday, I'll hear likewise from Rooftop Films. I'm at the point where I write the checks with my eyes closed, but it would be nice if "Portrait of Madison" made the cut.

+ I will be sending "A Doorman's Lullaby" to First Night. Wouldn't it be wonderful for my short film to make his Boston-area bow on New Year's Eve?

After this week, five festivals -- HollyShorts, Hollywood Shorts (no relation), San Fransisco Shortsfest, Tucson Music and Film Festival, and Austin Film Festival -- will have a copy of "Doorman" for review. I'm specifically looking for a West Coast festival to premiere it, since I've never been out to California and since one of my dearest friends lives out there and has had some health issues. Between those five, I'd like for someone to say yes. My fondest hope is for HollyShorts, but I'd be happy for any of them to accept it.

If you're on the Twitter, keep up with me over there. I'm microblogging the upcoming shoot for "Bendix Street Phone", which seems appropriate as the film will be a minute long and is about an imaginary cell phone from the 1950s. Search for the hashtag #bendix.


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