I generally enjoy reading Cinematical, the webzine that covers film in a comprehensive and timely manner. They run thought-provoking articles, interview female directors outside their women in film column, and have made me laugh intentionally on more than one occasion.

However, there is one area in which they fail, and that is the staff's massive crush on overrated New Zealand director Alex Proyas and his shoulda-been-forgotten "epic" Dork Shitty Dark City. I've written about my contempt for this film before, to a smaller audience than those who initially saw this tripe in the theatres. Meanwhile, the writers over at Cinematical -- who are otherwise very intelligent and passionate about cinema -- will invoke its name any time a film they like is getting shafted at the box office. I'm beginning to think that -- as knowledgable as the Cinematical writers are -- they might not know their '90s/'00s cult movies well enough to mention them as extensively as they should be.

Let's help them fill in the gaps in their knowledge, shall we?

Go on Twitter and mention your favorite underrated movies from 1995-2005. Hashtag them #cultmovies9505 and #cinematical. Maybe the Cinematical writers will fill in the blanks in their knowledge if we point the way, yes?


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