A week from today, I learn whether "Portrait of Madison" made the cut for Straight 8 2009. I'm trying to figure out what the odds of my getting in are.

+ This year they had 154 filmmakers, down from 175 last year.
+ They're putting together (at least) four programs.
+ Compared to my previous work, my film is a fairly straightforward narrative.

- I screwed up the exposure on at least one shot.
- I got one mistake shot that lasted about a second.
- Two shots cross the 360-degree "line", which I only realized after I sent it off.
- The narrative, while obvious to me (it's a variation on Rammelzee's scene at the end of Stranger than Paradise), might not be as obvious to others.

/ This will be my first Straight 8.
/ I'm not a member of the British advertising "scene".

I'm not as invested in the outcome of this film's acceptance as I am in other festivals. Mentally, I'll be irritated if I sent it in only to get constructive criticism and no screenings in return. I didn't spent $100 for concrit, for crying out loud. On the other...I've been rejected from so many festivals this year (and the year's not halfway through yet) that I've started to wonder if people want to buy what I have to sell. If I don't get in, I'll be disappointed, but I feel so detatched from the outcome at this point.
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