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two_ontheaisle ([personal profile] two_ontheaisle) wrote2009-10-27 03:12 pm

in medias res

Currently I am in postproduction with "Lock and Key", a three-minute documentary about why people journal. I've conducted interviews with three writers in the greater Boston area, and am in the process of culling the most exemplary parts of their interviews and weaving them together into a three-minute short. Oh, and I have to get it done by a week from today -- in between class and stuff.

Over the weekend I started editing the audio and putting it together. Today I hit the Mac lab at my school to start editing the video. Unfortunately, the only video platform at my disposal is iMovie '08. Just for fun, enter "iMovie 08 sucks" into Google. 31,000+ hits, folks.

On this version of iMovie, there's no timeline, and you can't see and delete the audio. Bear in mind that I conducted most of my interviews on an MP3 recorder and shot complementary footage on a separate video camera. All of the video clips have room noise that I want to get rid of. iMovie will let me mute the clips, but the audio I import either doesn't transfer (so you're looking at clips without hearing any sound) OR the audio is so quiet that you can barely hear it.

Some of my editing problems could be self-inflicted. After cutting together the first minute of audio, I realized that I didn't have quite enough video for the following interview snippet. Having that first forty seconds where I didn't have enough video made it that much harder to edit the following twenty seconds.

I am currently a little incoherent, and will put editing on hold so that I can regain what little of my sanity still stands. Here's hoping I can get a finer cut complete by tomorrow. At least I have a better idea of What To Do.